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5 ways to manage the relationship between parents and trainer

By Nellie Barnes on March 3, 2021 0 Comments

The relationship between parents and coach is at the heart of the life of the team.

The “management” of the relationship with the parents of the players is an essential element in the good progress of a season for a coach. A problem that often takes the form of constraint for the educator. Instead of being seen as an additional opportunity to unite the team.

We offer you 5 ways to improve this relationship, so that it becomes a strength for you and for the team.

Create a parent barometer

Create a document for parents to assess their level of fair play on their own. Awareness will be facilitated if the assessment comes from their own judgment.

The principle ? 10 questions relating to encouragement, respect for the opponent and coaching of the educator. Which must be answered with “yes” or “no”. For each “yes”, a point is awarded. By adding up his points, the parent discovers his barometer. It can range from “model parent” (9-10 points) to “behavior penalizing the team” (0-2 points).

Provide parents with an educator’s charter

Everyone knows the charter that parents are asked to sign, as a pledge of good behavior and investment, at the start of the season meeting.

But, for the sake of fairness and transparency, it may also be interesting to enact the rights and duties of the educator in a dedicated charter . The latter will give it to the parents after signing it. All this in order to underline his benevolence towards children and to reaffirm his working methods.

Capitalize on digital tools

While they use them daily, coaches often forget to use the digital tools at their disposal (club website, facebook page, SportEasy app, etc.) to promote the parents of players. To involve these parents more, do not hesitate to publish portraits or interviews of accompanying parents, volunteers, referees …

It is also interesting to think about the creation of a newsletter (newsletter) dedicated to parents. This helps develop a feeling of belonging and affiliation.

The child’s sports bulletin

Many children do not have the same behavior at the club as at home. This can lead to a certain incomprehension on the part of the parents when the educator or the club sanction them.

To remedy this, an original process can be implemented: the sports bulletin.

The principle is the same as at school, with fewer grades. Quarterly or monthly, this “report” given to parents aims to establish an inventory of the attendance, progress and behavior of the child within the club. It thus resembles a tool for defusing and anticipating conflicts.

Designate a regulator parent

His mission will be to ensure the good behavior of other parents at the edge of the field. This person should of course not be chosen at random. Although a shift can very well be organized during the season. Involving parents in the life of the team is certainly one of the keys to enhancing this relationship with the coach. But that requires having a real club project with a family atmosphere.

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